User Experience is everything that user experiences while associating with any product, item, service or brand. It might be the great or awful experience. The UX can be founded on the aggregate of personal interactions.

Market Research

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Branding is like asking someone out on a date, marketing is the reason they say yes. A brand is not a logo, it is the emotion your client feels when they see your logo and the loyalty that prospers when you implement the right design.

SEO Optimization

Can you remember the last time you went to page 2 on Google? From our experience and the Google courses our team completed, we can present your label in a way that prioritises it when prospects search for real estate properties and is well presented through the Google Business Profile.

Partnerships Management

Building relationships with pioneers within the same industry through joint marketing efforts will reap sales benefits.

Sponsorships Management

You never know where your next buyer could come from, you could capture them from an email campaign, an Instagram post, or face to face at an event. Since most of our partners are actively sponsoring events, we will manage any provide you with the right opportunities to promote your brand face to face.

Reporting and Analytics

We analyze data and achieve tangible results through basing our strategies on solid research.

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What we provide in this devision

What distinguishes Amoux Company among others is our insightful research and real-time information, as well as our proactive approach to modern day marketing.We get deeply involved in our clients’ businesses, understand the story behind their initiation, how they operate, how their target audience thinks and behaves.To contribute to the growth of our clients, we initially implement an A/B testing strategy to determine which proposed approach leaves the maximum impact and drives business metrics.Our team becomes part of the clients’ brand to increase the horizon of their knowledge and increase efficiency and effectiveness. We become one.

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